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We always adhere to the people-oriented, safety development, healthy development, scientific development, by strengthening the target responsibility system, improve the work, pay attention to employee training, increase investment in science and technology, improve the production equipment, adjust the industrial structure, promote technological progress, a series of measures to strengthen the supervision and management, to the construction of intrinsically safe type, resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises.
"Eleven five" since, company to environmental governance, ecological restoration and management, comprehensive utilization of resources as the focus, total investment 337000000 yuan, the implementation of 12 key projects, eleven during the five years, sulfur dioxide emissions to reduce 366.55 tons, COD emissions decrease of 13141.98 tons, fully completed the double down 10% of the target task group company issued, improving the comprehensive utilization rate of resources and pollution prevention and control capacity, improved the plant, the mining area environment quality. Project of wastewater treatment and chemical company was awarded the first prize for the national "Municipal Engineering Science and Technology Award", to achieve the environmental delisting. Mineral company won the title of advanced unit in Harbin city energy conservation, environmental protection and the title of advanced unit.
The company comprehensively promote safety and quality standardization and the safety culture construction, promote the continuous improvement of safety management, strengthen the occupation harm prevention and management, improve workplace occupation hazards control facilities, free of charge to provide labor protection supplies for practitioners, regularly engaged in occupation disease harm work exposed to coal dust, high temperature, harmful gas of workers to carry out examination and rehabilitation, and strive to create a good working environment and working conditions for the workers.
"Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the company will further implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, in accordance with the group "high five" requirements, and actively promote the concept of green low carbon development, establish an effective incentive and restraint mechanism, the completion of energy saving and emission reduction targets of the group company, improve the green level of development, to build a green, harmony, safety.